‘I’ve never felt so good in my bikini.’


Sculpt, Shape, Shred
Bondi Method is Method’s signature beach body transformation series. Designed by Joshua Clark based on his hugely successful transformation programme this series will unleash your best asset’s while boosting your metabolism to new heights. Our signature glute activation and mobility series will have your body primed and ready to tackle any workout.


‘This is London’s best booty workout by far!’


G.A.P, Booty, Core, Burn
Specially designed for ladies focusing on toning and sculpting the glute’s and core.
This class uses various resistance band levels to stimulate all the muscles associated with your abs and rear end! Isolation is the word in this workout using multiple movements in all directions to ensure your entire glutes are absolutly feeling Londons Ultimate Booty Workout.


‘I’ve never felt so confident and strong.’


Peach Project is a female only personal training group aimed at women wanting to get strong, lean and confident with their body. We teach women that lifting does not bring bulk, but in fact builds those lean sexy curves you’ve always desired. This class is a full body program focusing on major barbell lifts proven to transform your physique and is heavily glute focused for those who are looking for a perfectly sculpted perky PEACH.


‘I didn’t think yoga was for me. Now I’m as much Yogi as I am fitness-freak.’


Vinyassa, Power, Yin, Dynamic, Mindful, Jivamkti, Hatha
We believe that yoga is for everyone, even those of you that are ‘not flexible’. Our outdoor yoga garden is a unique and serene experience and our world class instructors are ready to guide and excel people of all levels. With a broad range of different yoga styles, there is a class to suit everyone.


‘I feel like Rocky Balboa after this workout.’


Speed, Power, Conditioning
The Champ is Here! Be coached through technique, footwork, pad work and conditioning drills using the methods of a British National Champion. Forget box fit and become boxing fit with this physically and mentally challenging boxing session. Learn how to attack, defend and move your body in the ring while unleashing devastating combinations and powerful body shots.


‘I love that I can push myself as hard as I can and I’ll never be late again!’


12 Rounds, Express Method
Increase Power, Push Past Boundaries, Improve Athleticism. Method 12 Rounds and Express Method are our brand new classes with a format that gives you a little freedom on your start time but will also get the most out of the time you put in! There is no “set” start time exactly. The class starts every 3 minutes from the stated commencement time and runs both in the morning and during your lunch break. This is a full body conditioning workout. 1 or even 2 circuits… its up to you!


‘I have sore muscles that I didn’t even know I had!’


Balance, Posture, Core Strength
This fusion of fundamental mat pilates exercises and dynamic TRX moves will have you feeling muscles you didn’t know you had. Improve your posture, strength and stability with combinations of both methods that challenge and complement each other. With multiple progressions and regressions this class is ideal for complete beginners and seasoned pros.


‘I’m the happiest and most at peace within myself that I’ve ever been. ‘


Meditation, Breath Work
We believe that training your mind is just as important as training your body. Through meditation classes, learn to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions, let go of energy draining thoughts and shift your perspective. Through guided Breath Work classes learn breathing techniques that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental clarity and focus, cleanse the body of toxins and improve cardiovascular health, digestive functions and metabolism. In all Mindful Method classes you will discover the tools you need to have a clear, confident mind and cultivate inner-peace.