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Chief Distributor of Muscle Soreness

Joshua Clark’s mission is to help people achieve peak form, recover from injuries and transform their body confidence. Once a professional basketball player in New Zealand with a degree in Exercise Science, Joshua understands how to get the best out of people and has built a reputation as one of the top fitness professionals in Europe. Joshua’s bespoke training programs range from motivating the TAG Heuer running team to complete the London 2016 Marathon and to help clients with debilitating back injury to live a pain-free life and enjoy exercising again.

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Fitness, PRX

Oliver is a leading expert in mobility, weight loss and body transformation through the use of customized resistance band and body weight workouts. He has built a foundation and range of skills in the fitness industry as a well-known body transformation coach. For the past six years Oliver has been classed as one of the leading transformation coaches within the exclusive Kensington gym, Equinox. With clients ranging from well known businessmen, Men’s Fitness cover models to Made in Chelsea reality stars such as Sam Thompson. With over 22,000 followers on Instagram, Oliver shares his nutritional ideas and workout videos with his clients spreading his creative, innovative and balanced approach to fitness.

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Fitness, Peach Project

Lucie is a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer, Boxfit instructor and specialised in pre and postnatal training. She has been in the fitness industry since 2012 with a strong passion for healthy living and an active lifestyle. This love has been driven by a background of county badminton, dancing and being an ongoing gym goer. Recently training for and competing in a UKBFF Bikini competition has given Lucie’s clients tangible evidence and inspiration that weight training and a balanced diet everyone can become strong, feminine and confident. She believe in a fun, empathetic and motivating approach to training which means clients enjoy their new lifestyle and achieve results. Clients will receive a truly tailored programme, simplifying training and nutrition to achieve maximum results.

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Brazilian Method

Vivian, former professional volleyball player in Brazil, is a true believer that the body needs balance, in strength, mobility and coordination.She is licensed personal trainer with a specialisation a functional training and a degree in Sports Science. Her passion for body physiology and metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases culminated in a several publications in medical and sport science journals. Vivian’s versatility in training attract clients form different backgrounds, from high power executives to notable catwalk models.

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Boxing, TRX Conditioning

After a 15 year career as a professional boxer where Daley became a national champion and was crowned London champion twice, he hung up his competitive gloves and obtained his professional boxing trainer license from the British Boxing Board of Control and became a qualified personal trainer in California. Daley’s passion is to help people attain their desired physique and lifestyle. By channeling every skill and piece of knowledge that he possesses and pushing people beyond their limits, he creates unique, effective programmes. His mantra is “Work Hard, Don’t Stop, You Can Rest Later.”


Brazilian Method

Alyna is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. She strongly believes in a holistic approach to training, and enjoys a combination of strength, mobility, HIIT, and agility style workouts. Alyna grew up between Bangkok and London and from the ages of 6-12 trained in competitive horse riding (show jumping), after which she trained in boxing and Muay Thai. These art forms ingrained the importance of form, technique, patience and practise. She then ventured into the world of body building, preparing for a body building style photoshoot by Pinewood trainer Scott Laidler. This experience ignited her passion for nutrition and the true meaning of healthy eating, eventually leading her to become a Le Cordon Bleu qualified chef. Since then, Alyna’s training ranges from crossFit to callisthenics, yoga to Salsa and everything in between.