Natalia is a former PR Director with over 10 years experience in Luxury Goods working with brands from Land Rover to Dior. She left the corporate world to become the creative force behind two wellness start ups; Method Movement and Form Nutrition. Natalia is a qualified meditation teacher and has an eclectic training experience having spent time in a Monastery in Nepal and participating in Google Search Inside Yourself Programme.

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Breath Work

A guided breathing experience like no other that supports ultimate mental and physical health and performance. We are all looking for healthy ways to unwind and escape our daily stresses. Yoga isn’t for everyone, mediation is hard, but everyone can breathe. Richard’s guided breathing techniques are proven to: reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental clarity and focus, cleanse the body of toxins, balance your hormonal system and improve cardiovascular health, metabolic and digestive functions. Before teaching breath work Richard worked as a coach helping people with anxiety and depression. Richard has personally trained under multiple modern breath work masters including Wim Hof (Wim Hof Method), Dan Brule (Tony Robbin’s personal breath coach) and Judith Kravitz (Transformational Breathing). 

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With a passion for connection and an expanse of mind-body-soul wisdom acquired through his own journey as a ex-professional soccer player and sports therapist continually inspires Marc to explore the human body. When he came across the ancient teachings of yoga his soul and mind lite up. Learning that the ancient spiritual science offers a direct means of stilling the natural turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body that prevent us from knowing what we really are. His curiosity of self and our connections with others and the world Marc loves to share and endeavors to create a space for others to tap into their true nature, higher self… your teacher within you.

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Suzie teaches what she know and loves: a creative, transformative and freeing yoga practice which draws together the hundreds of hours of training and many influences she has encountered so far across the broad spectrum of the yoga world, including vinyasa, mandala flow, yin yoga and more recently, Thai massage. Whether guiding you through a playful, dynamic vinyasa practice or a slow delicious yin experience, Suzie’s teaching is always informed by a deep respect for alignment and anatomical form, a cheeky tendency to break all of the rules and a strong intuitive impulse to help real people meet their most raw selves and discover how amazing their bodies are designed to feel. Expect to leave her classes breathing deeply and feeling strong and spacious both in body and mind. 

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Kim is a personal trainer and hot and sweaty HIIT instructor. Sessions comprise of a mixture of bodyweight, strength, cardio and flexibility. Kim believes in functional training and the need to transgress what you learn in the gym to what you do in your everyday life. Through Kim’s renowned HIIT classes she’ll show you that whatever your shape, whatever your size; you can absolutely tone what you own. Although now a seasoned Londoner, Kim was previously a New Yorker. Having spent 3 years there, she studied her Personal Training, TRX and group fitness instructing certifications.

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Half English, half Mexican, Mariel has practiced Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga around the world for over a decade. Leaving behind her high powered and high stress corporate job that left her unfulfilled and unhappy, she achieved her long-time dream of becoming a yoga teacher. A firm believer that what you give out, you get back, Mariel hopes to share with others the countless ways yoga has positively impacted her life – bringing unending awareness to her self-journey through lessons in humility, perseverance and acceptance in order to live her best life. 

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Csilla (pronounced Chiller!) has a background in social media and PR but her passion is spreading health and happiness. She holds a martial arts black belt but fell in love with yoga when she moved to London from Germany and discovered how versatile and replenishing yoga can be. Expect to leave her class a little sweaty, with a new found energy and a big smile!