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‘My core has been sore for a week!’


Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone

This class is about quality of movement. Make the most out of your fitness journey by taking the time realign and centre your body and breath. Working on the ‘powerhouse’ foundation from which all of your movement can develop, connect your mind and body while you nourish your joints by balancing, strengthening and lengthening your muscles. You will be amazed at just how tough the simplest of exercises can be when coming from the right place!

‘My posture has never been so good and my back pain has virtually disappeared.'


Restoring Mobility, Healthy Muscle Tone, Reducing Aches, Tightness and Pain

Mobility Method is a 30 minute class designed to get you loose! Well in terms of your muscles and joints that is. A series of foam rolling, assisted stretching and deep range functional movements will leave you feeling free of tension, increase circulation and also aid overall muscle recovery. It's also a great pre-workout class to get you primed and ready to take on the world.


It's time to realign your body.

It walks for you, moves for you, carries you around all day every day, now give it the love and attention it deserves.