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‘I’ve never felt so good in my bikini.’


Made for: Full body annihilation
Get firmer, stronger and fitter as you target specific muscle groups and energy systems each day of the week.
Start as as team with daily killer group warm ups. Then we move into the workout. 8 different exercises line the studio.. Between each exercise you enter the passage where you will be pushed through a combo of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises designed to put the group to the test. Beware not everyone makes it out of The Passage.

Monday - Strength
Tuesday - Cardio
Wednesday - Core
Thursday - Strength
Friday - Cardio
Saturday -Core

‘This is London’s best booty workout by far!’


Made for: Sculpting all the crowd pleasers...

Your Booty, Legs and Arms will never feel the same. A combination of isolation and multi joint movements all using only your bodyweight, resistance bands and light dumbbells. The Body Project promises to sculpt and tone in all the right places.

Looking great in your bikini guaranteed...

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‘I’ve never felt so confident and strong.’


Made for: The ultimate transformation

Giant sets with minimal rest will have your muscles screaming in the class that works to build total body strength, muscular endurance and promote lean muscle mass. Feel like a superhero in these intimate classes as you lift till you can lift no more.

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‘I feel like Rocky Balboa after this workout.’


Made for: Sweating out commuter rage

Pack a punch and de-stress in the ultimate workout for mind and body as you train like a champion. Using expert techniques you’ll learn technique, footwork, pad work and conditioning drills and come out fighting.

‘I have sore muscles that I didn’t even know I had!’


Made for: A core of steel

We’ve fused mat Pilates with dynamic TRX moves to help you discover muscles you never knew existed. Suitable for all levels, you’ll improve posture, strength and stability.

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Want to see real results, fast?

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